Includes the emergency phone numbers for more than 180 countries across the globe.

180+ countries covered

All you need is the phone numbers of the Fire, Police and Medical services when travelling. So, that's all we give you!

Easy to use

This app contains the local emergency phone numbers for the police, fire and medical emergency services.

Fire, Police & Medical

Use with iPhones/iPads

For iPhones/iPads

Uses your iPhone's GPS

GPS enabled

Emergency Telephone Numbers - iPhone app - GPS location

Using GPS, we’ll locate you

Using the GPS in your iPhone or iPad, we’ll automatically locate you and display the local emergency telephone numbers for the police, fire and ambulance services wherever you are.

Now, when travelling, you won’t have to worry about Googling or memorising local emergency telephone numbers because they’re in the palm of your hand.

Emergency telephone numbers - 911 000 112

Features that matter

Emergency Telephone Numbers is a simple app that does nothing more than give you instant access to the local national emergency telephone numbers for Fire, Police and Ambulance.

That’s it. Why add more features when you don’t need them?

Emergency telephone numbers - 911 000 112

Connect with fire, ambulance and police

Access the local emergency numbers for the police, fire department or ambulance/emergency medical services.

If you have a working cellular connection, which in some cases will require global roaming to be enabled, you’ll be able to dial these numbers directly.

Emergency phone numbers - police - fire - ambulance

Better safe than sorry

Remember when calling emergency services in countries other than your own, that 1) the operators may not speak your language and 2) response times may be different from what you are used to at home.

Furthermore, while most emergency telephone numbers do not change over time, the world is in a constant state of flux and upheaval. Borders constantly change and, from time to time, so too do emergency telephone numbers.

Several nations are currently in the process of changing their emergency telephone numbers and, though our list is accurate to the best of our knowledge, and though we do try to stay abreast of any changes to existing numbers, the numbers may change.

As such, please be sure to check emergency numbers in the locations you are traveling to before heading off and, if you find one that has changed, please email us here and let us know ASAP.